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Meet the Louden, Katz & McGrath team

Meet Our Team

The seasoned divorce lawyers at Louden, Katz & McGrath, while being vigorous advocates for our clients, focus on retaining civility and dignity for our clients and their families.

Meet Our Team

While vigorous advocates for clients, our lawyers and staff work on retaining civility and dignity for all parties. Our lawyers have experience as litigators, mediators and collaborative lawyers.

People ask us how we can deal with marital and family issues at deep levels day in and day out. We like being lawyers and consider our professional lives as a positive combination of working with and helping people, having intellectual and legal stimulation, advancing the profession, and making a living. We consciously take care of ourselves, believing it best for our families and ourselves.

Our staff of paralegals provides valuable support on behalf of our clients. They offer knowledge, experience and respect to clients throughout the divorce process.


Kathleen M. Semeraro
Paralegal Supervisor &
Paralegal to Wm. Bruce Louden

Patrick Buckley
Paralegal to David A. McGrath

Cecilia A. Bayek
Paralegal to Robert B. Katz